Ramona Louise Wheeler is a free-lance writer, living in southeastern Massachusetts. Her fiction work was first published in Analog magazine, primarily her “Ray and Rokey” series, adventures of partners, alien to each other, who travel the galaxy carrying cargo. The collected stories were later published in two volumes by Wildside Press, Have Starship, Will Travel and  Starship For Hire, and the first Ray and Rokey novel, A Chance To Remember, are available from major online stores.

Her non-fiction works focus on the literature, mythology and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Wheeler’s website, “Walk Like An Egyptian,” has been a learning aid for students around the globe since 1995. Her Egyptian essays were published in 2000, Walk Like An Egyptian: A Modern Guide to The Religion and Philosophy Of Ancient Egypt. It was translated into Chinese for the Asian market in 2001, and a third, expanded edition came out in 2004. The new edition contains material on the Egyptian calendar, including a unique translation of the only existing copies, provided by Diana Janeen Pierce. These are also available online.

Wheeler is currently working on a series of novels based in an alternate timeline in which Egypt, rather than Rome, became the foundation for Western European civilization.

Anyone who has attended an SF Convention in the last fifty years has met with Hal Clement or attended one of his panels. When Hal Clement passed away, Professor Tom Easton, book reviewer for Analog for thirty years and a true Renaissance Man, took over the helm. The group continues to thrive with his attentions.

Wheeler studied graphic design at the School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She studied Jungian psychology, comparative mythology and folklore, 19th Century literature, art history, physics, archaeology and ancient history at Beloit College, in Wisconsin, USA. She was a scholarship student at the Cambridge School Of Weston, Weston, Massachusetts, USA.


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