The Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Minister Of Antiquities And Culture in Egypt

Dr. Hawass is the minister of antiquities for all Egypt and the most well-known Egyptian alive today. His colleagues refer to him as “the pharaoh,” which perfectly fits the man. He is larger-than-life, wholly inspired by the antiquities which are his precious charges. He has transformed the face of archaeology and inspired generations of scholars, raising the science to its most advanced level. In these exciting times of the rising of Egypt in the February Revolution, “the pharaoh” will play a leading role in Egypt’s new dawn.

Professor Tom Easton

Professor Easton has many talents and many students. He teaches at Thomas College in Maine. He was the main book reviewer for Analog magazine for many years and is well-known at science fiction conventions for being the tallest man in the room — any room. Professor Easton took over the Hal’s Pals writers group when we lost our beloved leader, Hal Clement, and the group continues to thrive with him at the helm.


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