The mystery of the living bird emerging from the sealed perfection of the egg is a primeval metaphor for the energy of life emerging from the invisible world into the visible world, emerging from an interior which is itself inside an interior.

Ostriches are as tall as a man and they lay eggs as big as a human skull. The first bowl was likely an ostrich eggshell. They are used for that purpose in Africa to this very day.

Egyptian words for “ostrich,” “bowl,” “primeval waters,” “the lower heavens,” and “city/town/center,” are pronounced the same way, niu. Different determinatives provide the context, referring back to the core metaphor of the sacred container, an aspect of the hidden source of life-energy pouring forth from Eternity into Space/Time.

The egg-metaphor lives on in the European imagination, a metaphor that works, no matter how you paint it or what you call it. My favorites are the dark chocolate ones, but only if they’re fresh.